In summer of 2013 a unique massage home named "Nidos kopos” (“Dunes of Nida") opened its doors in Nida for the first time and in mid-October it opened a second home in the heart of Vilnius, near the Cathedral Square. The exclusive amber massage center offers massages and other treatments cherishing beauty, health and inner harmony. Each visitor will be pleased by the attention and warmth of the professional staff working in the salon. Guests are treated with highly effective procedures with exceptional tools - amber powder, amber oil, amber sand, amber balm, linden honey, sea salt, and warm amber sachets. "Nidos Kopos" performs massages and other body treatments enjoyable for both adults and children of all ages. House guests will be able to enjoy both the individual programs and take part in the procedures with your beloved.The procedures use only the Baltic amber valued throughout the world for being free of heavy metals, with amber acid and amber oil.